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Top Tips For Saddle Care

Aside from your horse, your leather saddle is likely to be the most valuable part of your equine equipment.  Therefore, here at Renapur, we think it is important to take the time and care needed to preserve it for as long as possible.  Below we have outlined our top 10 tips for effective leather saddle care, which will enable you to enjoy your equine pursuits for years to come:

  • Keep the saddle clean – We recommend you scrub thoroughly with a firm bristle brush.  Use warm water to clean leather or synthetic materials.
  • Never use caustic household chemicals to clean leather.  Avoid preparations that contain alcohol, turpentine, or mineral spirits.  Use a recommended leather cleaner and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Hanging your saddle – In order to maintain your saddle’s shape, ensure you hang on a rack or rail.
  • Checking your saddle – Saddles should be regularly checked for excessive wear, cracks and drying.  This should include the lining, stirrup straps, fenders and latigo.  Protrusions can cause discomfort for the horse.
  • Seal the saddle – Once cleaned it is important to seal the saddle with a leather conditioner for enhanced protection.
  • Horse sweat is an enemy of saddle leather.  The salt in the sweat absorbs the natural oils of the leather.  Ensure the saddle is regularly maintained and oiled to keep the leather supple.
  • If your saddle is wet or damp, allow it to dry naturally away from sources of heat.
  • Storing your saddle – Do not store saddles in plastic bags or other non-porous covers.  Store away from heat and light sources.
  • Residual soap left in crevices and folds will also hold grit that can eat away at the leather.  Use dampened cotton swabs or the corner of a towel to get all soap out of tiny stitching channels and crevices.
  • Apply leather conditioner sparingly.  Too much conditioner can soak through the leather into the padding or tree underneath and cause damage.

For more information about how Renapur products can help you care for your leather equestrian gear and tack, visit the Renapur website: http://www.renapur.co.uk

(This was a guest post by Renapur  – Nick)