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SEO spam – ‘We guarantee number one on Google!’

If you have an email address or contact form, you probably get numerous emails from overseas search engine optimisation (SEO) companies. GREETINGS WE CAN GET YOU NUMBER ONE IN GOOGLE! Sounds great, right? Here’s a few reasons why it’s not going to happen and working these people is a bad idea. Dodgy techniques They may […]

New WordPress site for Equilibrium Partners coaching

We’ve recently provided WordPress equestrian web design for Equilibrium Partners, a Nottingham business who specialise in organisationalĀ  and leadership development, professional and personal coaching and equine guided learning. The new site has a completely custom design to match their existing logo and features large images of the herd. It’s powered by the WordPress content management […]

Marketing your equestrian business online: 10. Marketing plan

Now we’ve gone through a number of things you can do regularly to market your business online, we will look at creating a weekly,monthly and yearly plan. With so many day to day activities to look after in a small business, a structured plan can help you keep on top of your marketing. The Weekly […]

Marketing your Equestrian business online: 9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be fearsomely complicated when you dig into it, but basic statistics are easy enough to access. When it’s linked up to Google Webmaster Tools you can see trends in website traffic, the relationship to specific events and monitor how people are finding and using your site. The right traffic? If you have […]

Marketing your Equestrian business online: 8. Measuring what works

To get the best from your marketing, you need to know what is working and what is not. Once you know what you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, saving yourself time and money. Measurement can be tricky, but there is hope. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools An absolute must […]

Marketing your Equestrian business online: 7. Email Newsletters

Now you’ve got people signed up to your list you can send them a newsletter with information about your products and services. What To Write About Make your newsletter short and punchy, stressing the benefits or alerting them to new products or services you offer. Keep people interested in staying on your list by giving […]